Fridge Repair Sudbury

fridge repair sudbury

A fridge is one of the core appliances in your home and specifically your kitchen. It’s where you store your cold drinks, veggies, meats and it helps you store them nice and cold to prevent spoilage. Buying a fridge is probably one of the first things investments you make when buying a new home. Nevertheless, because you use it multiple times a day, fridges can also experience problems. Many are very small and can be fixed by yourself whereas for others you might need to call a technician too look at the matter further.

A broken or malfunctioning refrigerator means you’re going to have to throw out food. Some food might spoil, ice cream might melt, and might result in you having to throw out valuable food. Hence, its crucial that you fix these problems immediately to avoid further problems and complications. Luckily, you’re at the right spot!

Sudbury Appliance Repair offers same day service to diagnose and repair your fridge. Our experienced technicians know exactly how to fix all of your refrigerator problems and can perform the service within hours of you calling. We offer fridge repair Sudbury can rely on.

Common Refrigerator Problems

Noisy or Unusual Sounds

This is probably one of the more common problems. Is your fridge making unusual sounds? It it sounding very loud and noisy? We get a lot of customers calling for this exact reason. This is likely be due to a fan motor (evaporator or condenser) issue. If you’re calling regarding this issue it would be of great help if you could let us know where exactly the noise is coming from. Doing so would help us prepare for the right parts and tools.

Water Leakage

If water is leaking on the floor it could be very dangerous and you’ll need to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. One potential cause can be that the deforest drain is clogged. Food or other particles might have gotten clogged, leading to water leakage. It could also be due to a door problem or inlet valve issue.

Malfunctioning Fridge

If you’re refrigerator is not starting up for some reason there could be a few reasons causing so. First and foremost, please be sure to check the the fridge is plugged in. It could have come lose or perhaps it’s completely unplugged. Another reason could be due to the circuit breaker being tripped so make sure thats switched.

Ice Maker Issues

In hot summer times especially, ice is a must! Some common sources of the problem include a malfunctioning water inlet valve, tubes could be broken, the temperature control needs to be checked. It could also be that everything works fine, its just really slow. Don’t worry we help fix that as well!

Temperature Problems (Cold or Hot)

Are you noticing that your fridge is not keeping the food cold? Well, it could very well be that your fridge is a lot hotter than it should be. This could likely be due to the air damper issue. On the other hand, is your fridge a lot colder than it should be? This in turn can be due to either temperature control or a broken thermistor. Our team is well versed in this and can help you fix this immediately.

Water Dispenser Not Working

If your water dispenser is not working this is likely due to the water dispenser actuator being broken or requiring service. If this is the case, let our team know and we will get the right service parts for your specific brand and make of fridge to be able to repair it.

Door / Lighting Issues

If the light doesn’t turn on, the bulbs might need to be replaced. Furthermore, if your door doesn’t close properly or the latch has issues it can cause water leakage and food spoilage and can cause condensation issues. We can repair all these issues mentioned above.

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